The sweetest and most inspiring thing you’ll see today is 96-year-old Van Dyke dancing with his wife!

The renowned performer is still going strong at 96 years old. In fact, it appears that the Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang actor—who has been renowned for his zeal since the beginning of his career—always seizes the chance to make others smile. Earlier this month, Dyke was spotted grinning as he left a restaurant in Malibu, California.

He also took the time to express his gratitude for still being alive. Later that day, Dyke, who started his prosperous career in the 1940s, was seen conducting errands. However, the photographs from Valentine’s Day earlier this year are what is being discussed right now.

Arlene Silver, 50, and Van Dyke dance in the video to “Everybody Loves a Lover,” a song by Doris Day from 1958. The three-minute duet is introduced by Arlene looking in the mirror.

The singer and producer then go over to his well-known wife, who is lounging in a floral recliner, and does her nails. After singing a few lines, the Mary Poppins actor joins his partner, and the two flawlessly execute two steps and other beautiful dance routines. Given his old age, it’s safe to conclude that the video of Van Dyke proving he still has it was a major hit with his fans.

Van Dyke revealed to Closer Weekly a few years ago that he was working out up to three times per week, which is remarkable for a man nearing 90. He said, “I’ve always been an athlete, and I still am. People my age are advised to continue moving.”

Silver, Van Dyke’s lover, was also complimented for keeping him youthful. “I occasionally forget the tremendous amount of experience we have had here, 46 years apart. And we worked hard at it,” he added.

Here is the video: