The way fashion designer Victoria Beckham dressed her little heiress caused criticism․․․

A garment that had no straps and exposed the shoulders was worn by Beckham’s daughter, who is 11 years old.

The lovely wife of a professional football player named David Beckham, who is 48 years old, and the heiress, who is 11 years old, are currently in Miami.

They went to the resort not too long ago to be present at the wedding of model Nadia Ferreira and singer Marc Anthony.

Victoria went with a blue tie-dye print for her daughter’s evening dress, which was full-length and sleeveless, and she paired it with white sneakers to finish off the outfit.

In addition to that, she was wearing a blue bag slung over her shoulder.

“My inspiration ranks first.” This clothing was a labor of love for your mother to make. Beckham exclaimed, “You look great,” and I agree completely.”

She chose a powdery dress with ruffles, and she finished off her appearance with diamond earrings, a high ponytail, and brilliant nighttime makeup.

The ex-member of “Spice Girls” surprised the fans with the mirror selfie with Harper, and she, in turn, chose a powdery outfit with ruffles.

“A strapless dress is most certainly not appropriate for a youngster of 11 years of age,” and “Why would you outfit a little girl in such a dress?”

“You both look fantastic. ” “It would be lovely to see Harper in clothes that are appropriate for her age. ” “Have never seen anything like this before.”

It is important to note that the fashion designer made an appearance at Mel C to see Prince William, and because of an interesting feature of her clothing, she appeared to feel embarrassed in front of the Prince.

When Victoria watched her children proudly supporting her in the audience during the premiere of her own collection during Paris Fashion Week, she became emotional and began to shed tears.