This 3-year-old got himself a haircut and confesses about it to his dad in this video…

We all know that young children can pull off some pretty odd tricks out of curiosity. They are merely taking advantage of what the world has to offer. You probably remember certain things from when you were a toddler and have some anecdotes to share. Am I correct?

While toddlers and young children’s experiments are mostly cute and safe, occasionally, things might go somewhat awry. Fortunately, no serious harm was done, and this kid ended up learning a valuable lesson.

Young children often mimic what they see adults doing. Sometimes it’s cute, but other times things don’t go as their young minds had envisioned. Just observe the young child in this video. In this video, three-year-old Ashleigh can be seen experimenting quite a bit with her hair.

You’ll smile wistfully when you watch this adorable video. Additionally, you’ll be pleased with how her father handled the situation. Congrats, Dad! This Father’s Day, he will receive excellent care from his devoted family.

The little child removed practically all of the hair she could! She ultimately acquired, well, just watch. She did a really nice job, in my opinion, on the front. really athletic. Perfect, in my opinion, for the summer.

She explained that she did it because Miss Jessica cuts hair, and she wanted to do the same when questioned why. You’ll have to watch the entire video to find out what she ultimately asked, though, and it absolutely busted me up!

Please see young Ashleigh’s lovely response and share it! If you have a toddler at home, I’m sure you can relate! In the discussion area at the bottom of the page, share your experience.

Watch the video here: