A man notices an abandoned puppy with his head stuck in a bag of potato chips and look at what he does…

A puppy was seen moving through the snow while wearing a chips bag on his head. He can quickly suf.focate, thus, he was in a really dangerous scenario there.

The dog was fortunate to encounter a friendly stranger who recognized him right away. The pup’s exact location remained unknown, but it was most likely a member of one of the First Nations groups in the province of Canada.

The issue of stray animals is really serious. The man found it challenging to go through the deep snow that was covering the ground. He was extremely near to sinking in the snow.

The dog eventually gets to the man and gently removes the bag from his head. A local dog rescuer said that malnourished and sick stray dogs are routinely seen in that area.

Jasmine Colucci of K9 Advocates claims that she routinely witnesses dogs rushing on the ice, which is quite sad.

She genuinely cares about the famished roaming animals outside, as do other rescuers.

There are many stray dogs, and we should all exercise a little bit more caution when around them. We have no doubt that this dog had the wonderful fortune to cross paths with a kind soul while traveling!