Meg Ryan made the difficult decision to give up her acting career after getting a divorce and here is the reason behind it…

Meg Ryan, a member of the Hollywood film industry, spent many years being blamed for her marriage’s dissolution. However, it soon became clear that nothing was as it first appeared.

Actress Meg Ryan and actor Dennis Quaid were married for eleven years. The ex-couple eventually chose to split up after getting married in 1991 and going through a difficult divorce in 2001.

In 2000, at around the time Ryan was supposedly having an affair with actor Russell Crowe, the couple experienced their first separation. A few years later, she spoke candidly about the breakdown of her marriage to Quaid and revealed that it wasn’t entirely her fault.

Ryan claimed that the public was unaware of the details of her failed marriage and that her liaison with Crowe had cast a shadow over the events of her relationship with Quaid.

«What a wonderful tale. But the fiction was not my nine-year marriage; that was reality. It hurt a lot that Dennis had been disloyal to me for a very long period. After my divorce, I gained more knowledge about that.

The Connecticut native acknowledged that Crowe “took a major hit” before disclosing that he was not the reason for her divorce: “Russell didn’t end the marriage,” she added. He was there in the end, but it wasn’t his fault…

Ryan called her “a disaster” following her divorce, and later hurt Crowe. After that, she was unable to enter into another committed long-term relationship because the time was not right.

On “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” the actress once admitted to being unhappy in her marriage to Quaid and that it was “unhealthy.”

Ryan said that her divorce was both “difficult” and “liberating,” but insisted that this did not imply that she was also a “victim” of the controversy. She claimed that while Crowe wasn’t the reason she left her marriage, she did so because “it was not working.”

The actress from “You’ve Got Mail” and Quaid are parents. Jack, the couple’s lone child, was born in April 1992. Ryan ultimately decided to adopt a child from China.

Years after the divorce, in 2006, Ryan made the decision to adopt Daisy, a Chinese child who was 2 years old. The mother of two spoke in an interview with Redbook magazine in April 2007 about the adoption procedure abroad.

Ryan disclosed that the process includes a lottery and that her daughter was assigned to her based on a drawing. But when she describes how she met Daisy, she doesn’t believe there was anything similar:

I’m 100 percent certain it wasn’t a coincidence. She reminds me of the daughter I would like to have.

Ryan clarified that she merely “wanted a baby” and wasn’t “on a mission” to have kids. She met Daisy because she truly wanted to “connect” with someone. We get along great, she gushed.

The “Rich and Famous” star claimed that while her love for her daughter and son is the same, she doesn’t feel any difference about how she welcomed either of them into the world…

Ryan actually believes that children are unique individuals in their own right. Because Jack is different from both her and his father, just like Daisy, the process by which she brought Jack into the world is more like to playing the lottery. Whether you adopt a child from another country or have children of your own, she remarked, “It’s both a lottery thing.”

Ryan claimed that becoming Daisy’s mother was “inevitable” given the circumstances at the time of her adoption of Daisy when she appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in September 2008.

At the time, Ryan had intended to visit India, and while she was her route there, she received a picture of her future daughter along with the statement, “Here she is!” She had too many emotions at once and believed it was fate at the time.

The distinguished actress was scheduled to depart India on the sixteenth, but she couldn’t see Daisy until the eighteenth. She took it as a sign when Ryan only had to travel «six hours» to meet her daughter.

When she had her second child, Ryan ceased acting. She concentrated on parenting her kids instead. She noted how challenging raising a toddler at the time was compared to how simple raising Daisy was: Daisy doesn’t seem difficult. It’s not a major issue. She’s enjoyable and simple to hang out with.

Ryan praised her daughter’s intelligence and generosity. She added that she enjoyed her daughter’s sense of humor. The delighted mother exclaimed that Daisy is “excellent” in her life and that she couldn’t imagine being without her. The son and daughter of Ryan “get along well” and the three of them seem to be a large, content family.

Ryan became a single mother, although she claimed that raising her children alone wasn’t too difficult. She nonetheless assured him that he will always have a relationship with his father and that they are “close.”

She was the only parent in the home, according to Ryan, thus she was “the one in charge and making the rules.” You and another adult don’t agree on how you want to raise your children, so there is no stress, she continued…

The little son of Ryan became an actor. Jack added that because he is a “mama’s boy,” his mother is the only person who truly knows him. He said that his parents are more than “supportive” and that they didn’t intervene when they realized he “liked” performing.