Mother frequently came late to her daughter’s concerts but here is what happened this time…

Christmas is a great time for gatherings with family and pleasant nights. Everyone is busy these days making scrumptious meals and furnishing homes. There is a mystical quality to the air. Hot chocolate and buns can be smelled everywhere.

Holidays, joy, and gifts are all part of the current season. In addition to holidays and presents, children anticipate the winter fairytale known as New Year since it is the day when the entire family comes together.

Due to the nature of her profession, Ekaterina’s mother always arrived for the Christmas vacations later than the parents of the other kids.

Even though the girl was used to it, it made her unhappy to see that all the mothers showed up to their Christmas concert but not to her. The girl was a hard worker in school and a good singer. The girl wished for her mother to arrive as quickly as possible every Christmas night.

Katrin was slated to perform the solo portion during the Christmas show. It was a gorgeous, joyous day. She and her pals decorated the stage and the Christmas tree in the morning. Family members soon gathered to enjoy the children’s singing. Ekaterina sang her part flawlessly while standing in the center. The show went well, and gifts were given to all the kids at the conclusion.

The most significant present, though, came to a conclusion when the college president revealed that another audience member was listening to the music behind and urged her to take the stage.

When the girl’s mother walked on stage, imagine her surprise and excitement. She was overjoyed and sprinted to give her mother, who had still managed to arrive early and watch her daughter perform, a big hug. The happiest Christmas of Catherine’s life has just passed.

Nothing is both better and more valuable than time spent with family, after all. The girl’s adored mother, whom she hadn’t seen in many months, was present for Christmas with her parents and other family members. It turns out that you can make your New Year’s wishes come true if you really want them and have at least a little faith in fairy tales.

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