A 17-year-old guy waited for 20 years to get married to a 51-year-old woman… However…

Every time two people of various ages get married, there is almost always some controversy and media coverage. This is especially true if the wife is considerably older than the spouse.

A marriage between two people who were decades apart in age occurred in the year 2000. At the age of 17, Jay Barham married Linda, a driving school instructor. The woman had been alive for 51 years at the time.

They ultimately met there, where Linda worked as a driving instructor and started a family. The connection gradually deepened into something that none of them had anticipated.

Jay and Linda’s social circle did not support their relationship. Everyone accused her of attempting to woo the man and criticized her.

However, disparaging remarks, conversations, and rumors about the pair were unable to sever their bond of love. They married.

Linda was referred to behind her back as a kidnapper when word got out that she was capable of persuading and falling in love with a young boy.

Jay’s parents anticipated that he would change his ways and divorce the 51-year-old bride. Because their stepfather was a younger man than they were, they refused to accept him.

Whether or not the couple’s marriage was purposeful won’t be known for some time. They were truly and forever in love with one another.

Since then, 20 years have passed. The couple opened a business, continuing their parents’ legacy. They are like a candy shop.

The seven grandchildren of Linda’s love visiting with their grandparents. Each spouse is childless.