A 46-year-old woman paid $35 million in cosmetic surgery to resemble a Barbie… Here is her final look…

From a young age, Nannet had a passion for Barbie dolls and owned 50 of them. She used to imagine that as she grew up, she would transform into a real-life Barbie. You won’t believe what she actually became. Nannet stated in one of her interviews:

I had a blast playing with them. As I got older, I started to feel self-conscious and bashful, and I yearned to look like dolls. When contrasted to them, I felt dull. I desired bigger breasts and a different hair color when I was a teenager.

This is how the common dolls game evolved into real life.

Nannet first decided on cosmetic injections when she was 21 years old, and she later obtained a unique position in a clinic to perform some surgeries for free or at a reduced cost.

At the age of 46, Nannet is a content mother of five, a wife, a blogger, and a model. The family is visible in the picture above.

Nannet is supported by her spouse, who even covers some cosmetic surgery. Now, almost 35 million rubles have been spent on the beauty of the beauty. Look at the striking improvements! Nannet has entirely lost both her uniqueness and beauty. She transformed from a dark brunette to a radiant blonde.

Imagine a 46-year-old woman of five children who looks like this. I can’t imagine how this is even feasible. Nannet dyes her hair a dazzling white color and uses special lenses to make her eyes appear blue.

Three mammograms were performed on the girl to get the appropriate size. I don’t know how this is feasible after looking at this picture. These girls are really different, after all. You have to desire to be Barbie in that way in order to change into her.

Nannet is happy in life and doesn’t give a damn what people think of her. She is happily married to a very successful man who has two private planes.

Nannet was even allowed to create a whole Barbie room in their own residence because he loves her so much. What are your thoughts on plastic?