A 64-year-old diary full of many secrets was found after being hidden…

The Stalinist-era No. 17 residence in Moscow, located on Novopeschanaya Street, has undergone renovation for the first time.

A Soviet school student’s diary was discovered by the workers when they were fixing the window sills at the entrance. Given that there was a triple and a deuce in the last few pages, it is likely that its owner tried to hide his poor grades from his parents.

On the porch, Anna Dyachenko, a neighbor, captured the newly discovered rarity. She posted on social media about finding the diary.

A particular Margorin Sergey, who was enrolled in the sixth grade during the academic year 1957–1958, was the owner of the diary. The diary was in good shape despite the fact that the years had passed because of the thick cover.

A comment made on social media has been continued. After a short while, the boy’s family was discovered; according to Sergei Margorin’s son Alexei Margorin, who had resided in this home since 1944, the diary belonged to his father.

Grandparents have told tales of a hero who enjoyed pulling practical jokes; therefore, he may very well be deserving of a deuce for his actions.

However, the mathematics triple of the heirs astonished them because Sergey, a former triple student, went on to become an engineer and work in a Moscow research facility as an adult.