A Californian man with 10 grandchildren won $1 million on lottery, which was a record of…

With a Powerball ticket, a diligent grandfather received the surprise of a lifetime. Because the winning lottery ticket was purchased at his petrol station, he received $1 million; nonetheless, the kind-hearted old guy intended to divide his earnings.

In the 1980s, Joe Chahayed and his family immigrated to the United States with just $14,000. The devoted father and grandfather put in a lot of effort to support his family and make a life.

He had no idea how his life will alter irrevocably in 2022. He received an unexpected award from fate, and he was unquestionably deserving of it.

Joe spoke to himself as a “honest man” who supplied his home by working seven days a week. Thanks to his perseverance, the 75-year-old was able to purchase a home and fund his children’s college education.

The committed individual, who also invested in a company in Altadena, California, was well-liked by the locals. People of all ages and backgrounds came into Joe’s Service Center, many of whom bought lottery tickets.

On November 8, 2022, a fortunate client correctly matched all six Powerball numbers to win a record jackpot. The instant billionaire received an astounding $2.04 billion, but the winner’s name is still unknown. The consumer had a 1 in 292 million chance of winning the prize, according to the California Lottery.

Joe was astounded that the winner had purchased a ticket from his business. He was also ecstatic since he received a $1 million incentive for it.

The charitable man intends to give some of the funds to his neighborhood. He always keeps an eye on individuals in his area, so he wants to pay it forward. Because he treats them like family, many of his clients refer to him as “Papa Joe.”

Joe, who wakes up at five every morning to help his community, was astonished by his good fortune. He was grinning in his bright yellow Powerball shirt and was beaming with joy.

The owner of the shop is not just diligent but also giving. He places his family first and promises to spend his award to support them. In two months, Joe’s son will give birth, and Joe is eager to celebrate.

Danny Chahayed, the man’s proud son, expressed excitement at the bonus and asserted that Joe deserved it the most. His words were:

No one else deserves it more than this man, I can assure you of that. He put a lot of effort into his task. He deserves it completely.