A homeless man chose to track down the owner of the misplaced check, and that decision changed his life…

Elmer Alvarez picked up a piece of paper he saw on the sidewalk. He began to get closer and then abruptly recognized it was a crumpled cheque for $10,000.

The name of the bearer was also included. Elmer set out to identify the owner of the cheque, which may seem improbable to some, but this is what happened instead.

Of course, he might have used this money to assist Elmer get through the chilly winter in the first place, but he reasoned that his owner might not have anything else and he would have to return it.

Roberta Jose signed the check. The man started looking for someone with these contacts when he saw an Internet cafe, and after a while it became evident that the person he was searching for was a very accomplished real estate agent.

Elmer was able to locate the woman’s phone number more quickly because the name was frequently featured in the press. The man called her, spoke with her, and they agreed to meet.

Roberta assumed that whoever found the check had already cashed it and there was no way to get it back because she couldn’t believe a homeless person would do such a thing.

Additionally, Roberta said that she had been homeless herself as a young woman when they first met, so out of gratitude she chose to offer the kind man an apartment. That was not all, though.

Elmer’s education was also paid for by her, and she is now planning to hire him as well.

If he hadn’t returned the check, it probably would have only lasted him a few months. However, now that he had, he could think about the future.