A Neighbor Buys Back the Home of an Elderly Widow Who Had Lived There for Decades After She Was Removed…

After being evicted from her home of more than three decades in Hudson, Florida, an elderly widow named Angie Tyma was forced to confront the heartbreaking reality of being homeless for the first time in her life.

When Tyma’s spouse passed away, the two of them had been living in the house together. After his passing, Tyma continued to reside in the house while paying rent to the new owner.

Unfortunately for Tyma, the property was eventually sold to an investment company due to the fact that the previous owner was unable to pay the mortgage, and she was served with a notice to evacuate the premises.

In spite of the warning, she never once considered the possibility that she would be expelled from her house.

The circumstance became even more challenging for Tyma as a result of the fact that she had buried her three pets and sprinkled the ashes of her late husband in the backyard after he had passed away.

After suffering a shattered heart and a sense of dislocation, Tyma found herself forced to spend three weeks living in a hotel.

However, her neighbors were not going to allow her to be homeless for very long.

When they saw that Tyma’s personal belongings were being stolen from her residence, they immediately banded together to assist her.

Danielle Calder, another one of her neighbors, went above and beyond by purchasing the home from the investment business for the original price of $167,500.

Calder already had a home and had no want for another one, but he felt obligated to assist Tyma because he wanted her to be able to go back to the town and house that she cherished.

Calder pleasantly surprised Tyma on her 89th birthday by presenting her with the keys to the home she had recently purchased as a gift.

Tyma was overjoyed and moved back into her home, beginning to pay rent to Calder as a means of contributing to the costs of living there.

Tyma was able to reclaim both her house and her sense of safety as a result of the collaborative efforts of the compassionate members of her community.