A wonderful family introduces American Sign Language to their baby and watch the VIDEO here to see him learning it!

Being unable to bridge communication while a child is an infant is one of the trickiest aspects of parenting. Because of this, sign language has become a popular substitute among families.

Sign language appears like a promising alternative, whether you wish to enrich your child’s life or enhance communication. Numerous studies have revealed that kids can use and comprehend sign language far before they can speak.

Madison’s parents, Courtney and Zach Lotane, chose to start teaching her American Sign Language for another reason. Zach was deaf, but he could read lips; thus, ASL provided him and his daughter with an additional communication channel.

When asked what sign language has done for him and his daughter, Zach became very emotional. I enjoy talking to her, watching her facial expressions, and seeing her sign, said Zach. I sense a connection.

Courtney cherished witnessing Madison’s interactions with her husband. One of her best recollections was of the time she was outside with Zach and Madison under a tree, and Zach pulled her up while signing the word “tree.”

Zach and Courtney were astounded by Madison’s sign language proficiency, as are many parents who teach their kids the language. She can communicate even if she can’t speak yet, according to Zach. It’s incredible.

Above all, Zach and Courtney want Madison’s exposure to American Sign Language to lay the groundwork for her future. Zach added, “I want her to be able to interact with other types of people as well as to accept herself.

Watch the video here: