A young girl who resembles a doll is already nine years old… Here is what she looks like now!

Early on, Little Ira had to pass the renowned test. She started taking modeling seriously when she was just two years old. Because of their daughter’s doll-like appearance, her parents felt she should be discovered by modeling agencies.

The infant in the agency quickly thought of a role—the likeness of the well-known doll.

Ira’s pictures quickly spread over the Internet, but many users didn’t think the girl could really look so doll-like and frequently claimed that the photos were simply edited.

However, everyone eventually accepted that the girl was real.

Whether Ira herself was content with what was happening to her is impossible to say for sure. Her parents, in this instance, decided on her fate. She did not play with her friends or attend kindergarten; instead, she spent all of her time in modeling agencies and photo studios.

Ira was very well known; people recognized her on the street and frequently requested to take her picture.

However, the girl’s features changed as she aged. Modeling firms stopped inviting her to shoots and events since she no longer resembled a doll in the slightest. Her standing started to decline.

She still occasionally receives modeling requests, although this happens very infrequently.

Ira now manages a presence on social media, like many kids her age. The fact that there are no pictures from her “doll” past on it is also noteworthy; possibly the girl does not like how her childhood was spent.