After 14 years, the mom of a young girl who was kidnapped and never found gets an astonishing message…

In 2007, Claremont resident Jacqueline Hernandez was kidnapped from her house; until 2021, no one was aware of her whereabouts.

She resided with her dad, who was likely responsible for her kidnapping, for this entire time and was not able to visit her mother.

A request for his arrest was issued on December 27, 2007; however, neither the father nor his daughter was ever located.

Jacqueline’s mother, Angelica, and the police spent several years trying to find her, but they were unsuccessful. Eventually, the youngster got in touch with her mother on her own.

On September 2, Angelica discovered a message on social media from her daughter, who stated to be in Mexico and wanted to meet up with her on September 10 at the US port of entry in Laredo, Texas.

In order to determine whether the girl who wrote to her on media platforms was actually her stolen child, the mom reported this to the authorities and traveled to the Mexican border with law enforcement personnel.

Thankfully, there was a happy ending to this tale, as the mother and daughter were reunited after a 14-year separation.

It is now unknown why Jacqueline made the decision to write to her mother at this particular time and what her living circumstances have been for a long time.

The 43-year-old father of the girl is currently the subject of an active arrest warrant, according to the captain of the Claremont Police Department, and detectives and other law enforcement agents are still looking for him.