After 2 years away, a military daughter surprises her mother with…

The shocked mother shouted in disbelief as she opened the enormous package to see her military daughter, who had been away for nearly two years. Ruthie Patterson, 58, started screaming as soon as she discovered Portia Patterson, a US Army sergeant, inside the box. She then walked up to her daughter to give her a bear hug while sobbing.

When Portia relocated from Washington State to Japan, where she is still residing, in August 2020, it was the last time she visited her family in Dothan, Alabama. Because of the coronavirus epidemic, Portia was unable to take the vacation she had always wanted to take because she lives so near to her family.

Portia waited for information that she might visit her mother at home for 21 months; it finally materialized two months prior to her big surprise. Portia called her brother, a trucker who is rarely at home but is also very close to his mom, and told him that she might be going home in May 2022.

The couple planned to surprise Ruthie on May 6, the night before Mother’s Day, so that they could both be in Alabama at the same time.

Ruthie was called outside to check on the Mother’s Day gift after Portia and her brother set up a sizable box in their mother’s yard while Portia’s cousin was preoccupied with Ruthie. Portia claimed that she was quite anxious while she was waiting in the box, but that as soon as she saw her mom, all of these feelings vanished.

She claimed: “As soon as she realized it was me, she was stunned and overjoyed to the point of tears.

She even inspired excitement in me to cry.

This video has received a really moving and inspiring response. I didn’t anticipate it would become popular.

The video made me and my family proud, so I just wanted to share it with others who had the time to watch it.

This story has taught me to hope that individuals will take the time to visit their loved ones and go home if they have the chance.

“Life is too brief and moves too quickly. This message is intended for both citizens and members of the armed forces. Visit your loved ones while you unwind.

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