After 44 years of marriage and three kids, actor Henry Winkler is still in love with his “beautiful” wife despite her having cancer…

The actor has been wed to his wife, Stacey, for 44 years. He rose to fame for his portrayal of Arthur Fonzarelli in the television series “Happy Days.” They nearly missed their first date, though.

They first spoke at a clothes store that was a customer of the PR agency Stacey was employed at the time.

He remembered their first encounter.

Henry entered the shop in search of a sports jacket. Stacey agreed to help when he asked for it. The actor can vividly recall the day he first met her.

He can even recall what shade of pants she was wearing. He has frequently spoken about the day he met his future girlfriend and how he knew it.

She had red hair and was sporting purple parachute pants. What a gorgeous woman, I thought without her saying a word. The following week, when I returned to the store, she was still there. I quickly recognized how strong she was after about ten minutes,» he recalled.

A week later, when Henry went back to the shop to pick up his coat, he proposed to Stacey. She balked at first, but eventually consented. After their first encounter, they continued dating for two years before getting engaged.

She had been reluctant to date Henry at first, but a few weeks later they were moving in together. Before the couple’s 1978 wedding, Stacey and her 4-year-old son lived with Winkler for 2 years.

In the Manhattan synagogue where he had his celebration, the actor married his sweetheart there. By the time they got married, Henry had gained more notoriety while Stacey had to deal with all the attention from women.

Stacey shared her experiences with ladies who kept hitting on Henry without giving her or her son any thought. For the sake of Henry’s profession, she claimed that she just had to adapt.

«People would essentially step on my feet as they ran up to Henry. You just absolutely wrecked my stockings, I exclaimed once. And this lady remarked, “But I love Fonzie!” she continued.

Although Henry’s spouse received little attention from his followers, she stood by her husband as his career grew and he attracted more fans. She had significant health issues, which presented a significant difficulty for them both.

Stacey’s medical issues

Max was born in 1983, and Zoey was born in 1980, both of whom were born to Henry and his wife. Stacey had a breast cancer diagnosis in the late 1990s, while Zoey was a college student. Fortunately, she experienced remission quite fast.

Unfortunately, the cancer came back in 2007—a few years later. This time, as part of her therapy, the actor’s wife underwent a double mastectomy.

Stacey has therefore remained cancer-free ever since that operation. Additionally, her and the actor’s love has endured through the years.

Henry is still as devoted to raising breast cancer awareness today as he was when his wife initially had the disease many years ago.

He spoke as a special guest at the 13th annual In The Pink of Health luncheon, which raises money to aid people with breast cancer and their families.

The actor started helping others with cancer long before his wife was given the diagnosis.

In reality, Winkler went to a basketball game featuring all-stars that was organized in 1976 to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

They have remained close despite the various difficulties they have encountered throughout their marriage, including Stacey’s admirers not supporting her and reoccurring illnesses. They are now content and healthy.

He still has feelings for Stacey.

The couple’s love for one another is still as strong as ever, despite having been married for a longer period of time than is typical in Hollywood.

The secret to their lengthy marriage has been frequently enquired about by the husband and wife. They have admitted that they really like spending time together even though they don’t have a set recipe.

Henry and Stacey’s wedding day portrait was displayed by the host of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” during the episode. The actor told Corden that his wife looked just as stunning as she did on their wedding day while doing so.

After several years of marriage, Stacey has also expressed her thoughts on her husband. Henry is frequently featured in her social media posts. Early in October 2018, she posted a picture of the actor on Twitter.

On Jimmy Kimmel tonight, the handsome Henry Winkler. She added text to the image’s accompanying statement.

Additionally, she frequently used social media to wish her spouse a happy birthday. Every year on their joint birthday, Stacey compliments her husband by using words like “wonderful” or “gorgeous.” Her tweets are adored by followers.

After 44 years of marriage, the actor and his wife frequently discuss their struggles and how they overcame them. They both agree that despite the difficulties, it has been worthwhile.

It demands effort. Even if there are setbacks and times when you feel out of control, if you have the ability and love-based tenacity, your friendship and relationship will only get stronger,» Stacey stated.

Although the husband and wife enjoy a variety of interests together, they adore their family the most.

We enjoy fly fishing together, Henry added. Together, we enjoy the grandchildren. Together, going to the movies is fun. Every day is great fun for us.»