After asking an unidentified soldier to deliver a cake to his dad, a soldier’s son receives a surprise the next day…

The young child was shocked to find his father’s cake the following day after asking a stranger soldier to deliver it.

On a Monday, Tom was getting ready to leave for school. He planned to walk to the school because it was close to their home.

He sobbed uncontrollably as he asked his mother if his father would return for Christmas. He awaited his father, a military guy, with great eagerness.

Dad was unhappy because mom had promised to come, but he did not believe her. He was aware that she was lying and that they would not actually be freed around Christmas. He still gave her a hug before leaving the house.

He was missing his dad when he saw a soldier on the street and turned to face him while crying. Tom made the decision to approach him and ask him a question. A soldier he called noticed a youngster with a sad face while scanning the area.

He became quite curious about the reason why he had called, and he went to them to ask them what had happened. In reality, before that, he encountered a lot of kids on the street who only asked him for money or some sort of candy.

However, Tom didn’t call him because of that. When the youngster revealed that he had an uncommon request, he was just about to offer him some cash.

The soldier heard what Tom was saying and felt awful for him. The young youngster claimed that he hadn’t seen his father in six months and that he had anticipated that he wouldn’t return for Christmas.

The boy started to look in the bag for something as he started to consider how you could assist him. He took out a pie, gave it to the soldier, and asked him to give the apple pie to his father. He asked him to track down his father and make sure to let him know.

Tom recalled that his father constantly praised this cake as being delicious and “healthy” and how much he loved it.

The soldier was deeply moved by Tom’s request and was unable to decline it. The only problem was that he had no idea who the boy’s father was and had no idea even what he looked like.

Tom was unable to provide his father any information or pictures concerning his father. The soldier took the box and ate slowly and deliberately. Oddly enough, he quickly located him after learning that he was serving in his own unit.

The father of the child said that he had been away from home for more than 7 months because of a crucial mission.

Finding the boy’s father made the soldier very happy, and he was confident that Tom would be pleased to learn that he had delivered the cake to him. The soldier even spent the night at their home as they traveled home together that day.

Together, they sampled the cake that young Tom had been clamoring for. The soldier praised the pie for being both delicious and genuinely “healthy,” as Tom had claimed. They had a giggle and were overjoyed!