After holding his grandchild, grandpa cried: She shares the same name as her adored one…

The protagonist of today’s tale is a grandpa who lost his wife, Anna, the love of his life, in the summer of 2021. His life hasn’t changed much since then, but an unexpected event that occurred a year later helped him feel better.

He called his wife “Anny,” and losing her profoundly impacted him. A person who loses their partner is left with a gap that nobody else can fill, but fortunately for this grandfather, he discovered someone who made his life happier.

After Ashley Lemieux’s grandma passed away, she observed how her grandfather’s life changed. She adored him and understood her loss of a loved one because she had gone through a similar experience.

Lemieux and her spouse were prepared to have their son, Jayce, in 2020. Unaware that their infant child would not survive, they were thrilled to have him in their arms.

After losing Jayce, Lemieux described her sentiments in a devastating Instagram post. Every time a baby was delivered in the hospital, she distinctly recalls hearing a lullaby. Although the lullaby gave her hope, she was devastated when she sang it after Jayce was born since her baby was no longer there. She fessed up:

It hurts physically how much I miss him.

One of the saddest traumas of her life was losing her child, but fate soon brought a new person into her life who helped her cope with her grief. The distraught mother gave birth to a girl whom she named “Annie Rae.”

The baby girl’s name was the same as Lemieux’s grandma, making her birth all the more noteworthy. Lemieux captured the priceless moment her grandfather first held Annie as he visited Annie from Wisconsin.

In love with the young girl, the grandfather cradles Annie in his arms. He then kisses her on the cheek and grinned at the camera. Even while grinning ear to ear, he clutches Annie’s small hand. Said Lemieux:

Although he is not often emotional, the fact that they shared a portion of my grandma’s name meant a lot to him. He loved my grandma dearly.

She had a tender moment when she saw her adored grandfather holding his daughter for the first time.

Lemieux even posted some amusing interactions she had with her grandfather on her Instagram feed, during which he enquired as to what she did for a living. She “talks a lot,” he said, and she tells people about stuff other people have sent her.

He didn’t even know much of anything about Instagram influencers.