After not succeeding in his exams, young boy with autism receives touching letter from his teacher…

A heartfelt letter was sent to an 11-year-old boy with autism, Ben Twist, by his teacher, Ruth Clarkson of Lansbury Bridge School & Sports College. This touching gesture came after Ben did not achieve the desired results in his SAT exams. Recognizing that exams don’t define a person, Ruth commended Ben for his various talents that these tests couldn’t capture, such as his artistic, sports, and musical abilities, kindness, and growing independence.

Gail Twist, Ben’s mother, was deeply moved and shared a photo of the letter on Twitter, expressing her emotions. The post, captioned “In tears. A letter to my 11-year-old autistic son from his school. ‘These tests only measure a little bit of you,'” gained widespread attention on social media.

In an interview with Metro, Gail shared that Ben found the letter ‘amazing’ and was astonished that someone could acknowledge and appreciate him in such a positive manner.

The letter, emphasizing that there is more to an individual than test scores, resonated with many, going viral with thousands of likes and comments. People praised Ruth for her kindness and compassion, with some sharing their own experiences of living with autism or having autistic children.

The letter became a powerful reminder that every child deserves recognition and celebration for their unique gifts beyond academic achievements.