Angelina Jolie’s will: How does it affect her children?

Angelina Jolie, renowned actress and philanthropist, surprised many with her decision to exclude five of her six children from her inheritance plans. Instead, she intends to leave her entire estimated fortune of $116 million to her son Maddox.

The motive behind this unexpected choice stems from Jolie’s deep appreciation for Maddox’s support during her tumultuous divorce from Brad Pitt. He was the sole child who actively stood by her side during this trying period.

However, this decision has raised concerns, particularly from Brad Pitt, who perceives it as unfair to favor Maddox over the other children, leaving them with no inheritance. He fears this may sow discord within the family.

The Jolie-Pitt family has weathered numerous challenges, including a highly publicized divorce and custody battle. Disagreements over parenting and allegations of assault against Brad by Angelina involving Maddox further complicated their situation, though no charges were filed.

Brad insists that all their children deserve equitable treatment and a portion of Jolie’s wealth, not just Maddox. He emphasizes the importance of Angelina acknowledging the needs and futures of all their children.

This inheritance dilemma is likely to exacerbate tensions between Brad and Angelina, adding strain to their already complex relationship. It underscores the difficulties faced by families, even those under the scrutiny of the public eye.