At two years old, the Siamese twins were split apart. After four years, here is how they look…

On August 10, 2014, Eva and Erica Sandoval were born in California. In their first two years of life, despite sharing a body and only having one set of legs for two, they learned to communicate without using any words. When they were one and a half years old, they took their first step. Prior to that, they simply liked “walking” in their parents’ arms.

Siamese twins’ parent’s Art and Eida intended to split the girls from birth, but this decision was difficult to make. Eva and Erica nearly caught up to their peers in development by the age of 2. They could spend many hours in the playroom climbing ladders and ropes because they were so happy and energetic.

However, Mr. and Mrs. Sandoval knew that their young children deserved more—independence from one another. At the conclusion of 2016, they visited a nearby clinic. The doctors scheduled the separation for December 6th after several months of testing and preparations.

Up to fifty doctors surrounded the ladies for the duration of the 18-hour process, never leaving them. The initial findings were made public in the evening of the following day: the twins are doing well! Now it was feasible to discuss each of them alone.

In March 2017, Eva and Erica were sent back home. Families and the entire clinic staff now consider this day to be a true holiday. The twin sisters had to relearn many of the routine activities they used to do together after their separation. Though it was worthwhile!

Girls’ separation from one another opened up a world of new possibilities, and they swiftly learned a new kind of self-propulsion: riding on toys that resembled vehicles. The twin girls, who were split up when they were 2 years old, are now 6 years old.

A lot has happened in the nearly four years since what they view as their second birthday.

The world became aware of the girls because of various television advertising. They are now genuine mini-celebrities who hope to pursue careers as models or actresses in the future. And legions of followers follow their lives closely from all around the world.