Blind Couple Weds After Their Guide Dogs Fall in Love… But Then They Find Out…

This week’s edition of Throwback Thursday will examine the evolution of the phrase “man’s best friend” into its current meaning, “man and wife,” and will center on the historical events that led to this change.

In 2012, GNN was the first news agency to report on the love story of Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey, two blind people from England who met each other because of their dogs.

Mark and Claire both had guide dogs, which is how they found each other.

Because Mark and Claire both used guide dogs, they were able to locate one another and became friends.

It was during the time that the pair’s golden retrievers, Rodd and Venice, were inseparable from one another during a guide dog training course that lasted for two weeks that they first became acquainted with one another.

The course was designed to teach dogs how to assist people who are blind or visually impaired.

Play dates for the dogs led to a whirlwind relationship for the pair, and in March of 2014, they tied the knot with their dogs serving as ring-bearers in the wedding ceremony.

Play dates for the dogs eventually led to a whirlwind romance for the two. The couple’s relationship progressed quickly, which led to more play dates for the dogs, which in turn led to more play dates for the dogs.

The fact that the couple regularly organized get-togethers for their canine companions was a big factor in the expediency with which they tied the knot.

According to what the bride shared with The Mirror, she is certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the couple’s guide dogs were the ones who were ultimately responsible for bringing them together and helping her find her “one true love.”

“There is no doubt in my view that the fact that we are now together is due to the fact that our guide dogs were responsible for bringing us together.”

We are each other’s closest friends and soul mates in the same way that our two guide dogs are each other’s closest friends and soul mates. In other words, they are just like us.

The tale of “puppy love” that was based on events that really took place in people’s lives had the most heartwarming conclusion imaginable.