Couple Discovers Buried Treasure Worth $52,000 in Their Backyard and…

The majority of people have a tendency to associate buried treasure with pirates and fairytales.

This New York couple was astounded to find themselves in possession of an old, rusty safe that contained approximately $52,000 in cash and valuables.

Most people have a tendency to associate buried treasure with pirates and fairytales.

In addition to this, the safe had remained in their backyard for a considerable amount of time.

Matthew and Maria Colonna-Emanuel of Staten Island had long been aware that there was a metal box hidden among the vegetation in their backyard, but they had always assumed that the box was just some kind of electrical box.

They recently discovered that critters had chewed up the vegetation, so they hired a landscaper to replace the flora that had been lost.

The gardener eventually came across the box, brought it onto the couple’s porch, and discovered that it was actually a 100-pound safe inside.

Matthew and Maria forced open the door of the safe using a crowbar, and they were astounded to see that it was stuffed with cash and valuable stones.

According to what Matthew shared with CBS News, “And there are all of these bags with hundreds and jewelry, diamonds, engagement rings, dozens of rings, gold with jade.” “It was really incredible.”

The couple ripped the $100 bills apart so they could dry out because the contents of the safe had gotten musty and wet as a result of their years spent working in the garden.

After that, they discovered a scrap of paper that had the address of their neighbor scrawled on it.

Matthew went to their home, knocked on their door, and inquired about whether or not they had ever been robbed. They responded that they had been robbed on multiple occasions.

According to the report that was submitted with the NYPD by the neighbors in 2011, the safe that was stolen had a total value of items that amounted to $52,000.

The officers also informed the neighbors that it was highly unlikely that they would ever see their property again in their lifetime.

After that, Maria and Matthew presented the safe to their neighbors, who were overcome with emotion upon learning that their savings had been returned.

Even though Matthew claims that they have not been compensated for the safe’s return, they report that they are content to bask in the “positive karma” that comes with having done the right thing.

According to what Maria said to CBS, “a couple of people asked us, ‘Why did you return it?'” “There wasn’t even a debate about it. It wasn’t even ours!