Teen Volunteer Wins $70,000 SUV in Charity Raffle, Then…

When Erin Byrnes first found out that she would be attending the annual gala for a charity that helps expectant mothers and their children, she was overjoyed to say the least.

She was all set to accept the award that Joseph’s House had bestowed upon her in acknowledgement of her voluntary work.

That evening, Erin had even more reason to celebrate after learning that she had won the main raffle prize, which was an SUV with a value of close to $70,000.

She devoted the entirety of the summer to collecting cans and bottles in order to save money and acquire sixty raffle tickets for herself at a cost of less than two hundred dollars.

After overcoming the odds and having her name selected from among 26,000 others, the little girl of just 13 years old immediately announced that she would be donating the vehicle to Joseph’s House so that they may use it to whatever use they deemed fit.

Erin is one of six children, so it is possible that the family could have utilized the automobile; however, the young teen’s decision to be nice and giving if she won was her own, and her mother acknowledged this.