‘Dance of the Fairies’ is performed by a tiny violin virtuoso… Video attached!

Akim Camara is a gifted young violinist from Germany. Camara began drawing attention when he was just 2 years old due to his exceptional talent. At the Marzahn-Hellersdorf School of Music, the young student began his musical studies and won over his principal and teachers.

The headmaster of the school asks Dutch musician Andre Rieu to demonstrate Camara’s talent for him. The young youngster truly impresses Rieu, so he resolves to assist him. The typical boy soon rises to the position of the youngest famous musician.

Camara was invited to Rieu’s Maastricht, Netherlands, studio. The little prodigy so inspired the orchestra personnel and the Dutch violinist after his performance that they decided to offer him a chance to play at the upcoming event.

At the André Rieu Live in New York City Concert, Camara dazzles everyone. His music captured the hearts of countless listeners. This young youngster has a remarkable talent for recalling musical compositions after hearing them just one or two times.

Camara performs a challenging work called the Dance of the Fairies at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, using a violin that is noticeably more prominent. Everyone in the audience is transfixed by his talent as soon as he begins to play the music.

Many people in the audience found it hard to believe that this young boy, who was only 5 years old at the time, could execute such a difficult performance. They are mesmerized by the music and astounded by the young boy’s genius. The audience can’t help but applaud him and give him a standing ovation.

Camara is now receiving violin and piano instruction from Rieu and is a member of his orchestra ensemble. One online user praised the young boy’s performance and posted on social media, “This boy is made of gold… God is to be praised since he has blessed this boy. He’ll soar to great heights.

Here is the video: