Following his visit to the emergency room with his son, Jason Aldean shares a health update

Jason Aldean’s son, Memphis, had his first visit to the emergency room on Tuesday, as shared on Jason’s Instagram story. Despite the trip, Memphis is doing well. Jason captioned a photo with, “Lil man went to the ER for the first time today,” adding, “I only needed two stitches and I handled it like a champ.” He assured, “I’m back home and doing great.”

Brittany Aldean also updated on Instagram, sharing, “Our day took a turn when Mems fell at the pool… two stitches under his chin and our official first trip to the E.R.” She expressed gratitude for the excellent care provided, although she admitted, “Mama’s heart isn’t.”

The Aldean family recently moved to a new house in Florida and seems to enjoy living by the ocean. Jason, who won the iHeartRadio Music Awards Country Song of the Year for “If I Didn’t Love You” with Carrie Underwood, shared photos, including one of Memphis and his sister Navy.

Memphis is shown on a pirate treasure hunt with a metal detector. Jason wished him luck, mentioning, “Seeing my babies love the water makes me happier as a Beach guy.” He shared more pictures of his “beach babies.”

In a recent interview with Jenn Lahmers, Jason expressed his love for his family, calling them his motivation. He said, “My wife, kids, and family inspire me, and I just want to leave them this awesome legacy.” He added, “You know, at the end of all of this, I want to leave them with this lasting musical legacy.”

Jason and Brittany have a 3-year-old son named Navy, in addition to Jason’s two daughters from a previous relationship, Keeley, 19, and Kendyl, 14.