«Full House» star Candace Cameron Bure was called out for her actions during her son’s Christ-centered wedding ceremony

«Full House» star Candace Cameron Bure recently shared a glimpse into her son Lev Bure’s enchanting wedding day, marking a significant family milestone. The actress joyfully announced the marriage of Lev to his bride, Elliott, on social media, expressing the immense joy felt during the celebration.

The wedding was a heartfelt event, and Bure shared, “Words cannot express the joy we have felt this weekend celebrating the marriage of our son and his bride Elliott.” She conveyed her wishes for the couple to experience a life filled with love, joy, peace, and contentment, attributing these blessings to God.

While fans were quick to appreciate the nuptial bliss, Bure’s choice of a golden gown stole the spotlight. Comments flooded in, praising the strapless dress as «stunning,» «gorgeous,» and «the bomb,» highlighting Bure’s striking fashion choice.

Beyond the glamorous details, Bure took a moment to reflect on the deeper significance of the occasion, expressing gratitude for the «generational blessing of long-lasting Christ-centered marriages.» She proudly acknowledged passing down this legacy to her children and future generations.

The celebration embraced a spiritual presence and familial warmth, with Bure noting, “The Holy Spirit was present, the gospel was preached, and love filled the air.” It became a day of covenant vows, emphasizing the enduring power of love.

The festivities included conversations, meals, speeches, toasts, laughter, and dancing, with Bure expressing overwhelming happiness, saying, «This mama is over the moon HAPPY!!!!»

In her congratulatory message to the newlyweds, Bure highlighted the joyous start of their life together, underscoring that the wedding symbolized not only the union of two hearts but also a testament to the enduring values of faith and family.

Candace Cameron Bure continued to share moments from her son’s wedding, including a video featuring herself and her husband, Valeri Bure. The footage captured the couple engaging in the celebration amidst wedding guests. However, not all fan reactions were positive, with some criticizing the actress for drawing attention away from the newlyweds. One comment questioned the decision, stating, “It’s her son’s wedding; why do this?” reflecting a sentiment that Bure’s presence was overshadowing the focus on the newly married couple.