Grandma’s reaction when her granddaughter gave her the most adorable present was priceless!

A grandma received the best surprise she could have imagined from her daughter and granddaughter, and she was overjoyed.

Grandma had pleasant memories of St. Mary’s Church because she had been a devoted member. There, he was both married and present for his daughter’s nuptials.

However, she was devastated to learn that they were tearing it down and felt as though she was going to lose something really special.

Knowing this, his family made the decision to permanently devote a space in that church as a memorial to him. So, before it was destroyed, her daughter and granddaughter bought a bench and had a neighbor remake it, bringing it back to life.

The day he received the bench, they captured his response on camera. His emotions and the tears in his eyes speak volumes.

Watch the video here: