Her husband turns up on a boy’s doorstep the following day after a boy with a limp helps her to board the bus with her strollers…

As he watched his classmates play basketball, Robert moaned in agony. He regretted it because he had always hoped to become a well-known athlete. He wanted to compete for his school in every competition, but no one paid him any attention.

Because no one believed he could play or run with a prosthetic leg, people always saw him as a simple spectator. Robert’s leg was malformed from birth. He had to amputate his leg as a result of this.

He hoped that the players would welcome him to join them or take someone’s position as he stared at them with tears in his eyes. However, they believed that if Robert played for their team, they would lose.

Robert wished the game’s winners well at the conclusion of gym class. He then retrieved his bag and crutch and made his way slowly to the closest bus stop.

A bus showed up after five minutes. Because he didn’t want anyone complaining or labeling him a straggler when he boarded, Robert waited for the other passengers to board. Although he wasn’t insecure, he detested it when others made disparaging remarks about him behind his back.

He moved across to the wheelchair-accessible seat. Robert was already the designated passenger because the driver and conductor were familiar with him. He was consistent.

The driver was also acquainted with Rebecca, Robert’s mother. He was aware of her difficulties as a single mother who had been dumped by her ex-husband Harry, whom she had loved and trusted.

Robert and his mother Rebecca’s lives were very different five years ago. Harry, Robert’s father, was still a resident of the house. Harry was much more than just a father figure; he was his son’s hero.

Robert enjoyed proclaiming, “My dad is my hero!”

On the modest court in front of their house, he cherished playing basketball with his father. That’s when Robert started to have dreams of playing basketball someday, but not just any basketball player; he wanted to play for a lot of people.

The world was serene and joyful. With what they had, the family managed. However, Harry’s commitment to his family waned once he received a promotion and was relocated abroad. When he fell in love with another woman, he neglected the fact that he was already married and the father of a 7-year-old child.

Harry told Rebecca about his adulterous relationship without holding back. He destroyed her heart and soon after divorced her.

Robert’s father’s death cost him a sizable chunk of his formative years. Despite feeling abandoned and neglected, he managed to muster his composure for his mother’s benefit.

You must attend class and put in serious study time. She frequently advised Robert to “don’t let anything stop you from accomplishing your dreams. These remarks were sufficient to sustain his passion.

Robert had not seen his father in five years. Harry only spoke with his kid through the child support payments he made. He had two children with his girlfriend, whom he had married.

Harry created a life out of a fairy tale for his new family, but he left behind his ex-wife and his son, who adored and admired him.

When the bus crossed a speed bump, Robert regained consciousness. A woman was the last person in line as it stopped at the subsequent station to pick up passengers. Her infant was dozing off in the stroller she was holding.

Robert searched for assistance to hoist the woman into the bus as he observed her push her stroller. However, most of the male passengers pretended not to notice. So the young lad approached her without hesitation.

As he took hold of the stroller and dragged it inside, he added, “Miss, grasp the other side, carefully…gently…” The driver then assisted him, and the stroller was inside in no time.

I appreciate it very much. The lady grinned. Robert was having problems walking, but she was unaware of this until she noticed him hobbling to his chair. He got up as she pulled the stroller closer to him. He asked her, “Would you like to sit down, Miss?” There is still a small area. Please take a seat.

The woman identified herself as Sandra after being moved by the boy’s thoughtfulness. She asked him, “Do you like playing basketball?” after noticing a small basketball keychain on the zipper of his backpack.

Robert’s eyes flashed with a tiny glimmer of delight, and he exclaimed:

I’m a big basketball fan. I want to play at the collegiate level. My dad and I used to play every day. But since he left us, I have no one to coach me.

He left you? Sandra worriedly questioned.

Robert heaved an agonized sigh. She was informed of his parents’ separation as well as his struggles to make the basketball team at his school.

Sandra stated, “My spouse was also a basketball player.” Robert stood up to assist her when the bus arrived at her stop, but she grinned and declined.

«I can leave, my love. At the stop, my mother-in-law is waiting for me. I appreciate it very much. She spoke.

Robert gave a final wave before getting ready to exit at the next stop, which was his residence.

On the following day, a Saturday, Robert’s school was not in session. When the doorbell rang, he was using his mother’s laptop to watch NBA games. When Robert opened his door, he noticed a tall, strong man holding a basketball on his porch.

In a state of shock, Robert enquired, “Sir, how may I assist you?”

The man grinned and handed Robert the ball, some baggy shorts, and a jersey.

Prepare for practice, champ. I’m here to instruct you. Do you not want to play for your school in the upcoming state match?

Robert sobbed because he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. The man was revealed to be Jacob, Sandra’s husband. He had served in the military and played basketball in the past. Robert had been mentioned to him by Sandra, and the day before, they had located the boy’s address at his school.

For six months, Jacob trained Robert three times each week. He gave the young player new strategies for controlling the ball and his speed. Jacob not only coached Robert but also inspired him to overcome every challenge.

Winners don’t just happen. He frequently told him, “We make them.

Robert was chosen to represent his squad in the interscholastic competition six months after he took part in a test game at school. Boys who had previously avoided him due to his infirmity flocked to his side. They applauded Robert for his immaculate field goals on the court. They all wanted to be his pals because they recognized his value to their squad.

A few months later, Robert participated in an interschool match on behalf of his school. Harry, his father, found out about his son’s success in athletics and came to the occasion. He regretted not giving Robert more attention. After his winning game, Harry visited with him, offered him encouragement, and expressed regret.

Robert stopped feeling the vacuum left by his father after that. They frequently got together, and Harry even went with Robert to his competitions.

Robert stayed devoted to Sandra and Jacob despite his newfound popularity and friendship. He always regarded them as his guardian angels who guided him from darkness to light and never forgot their assistance.