Hugh Jackman is the greatest. See Him Transform Into Wolverine on a Fan’s Phone…

When he met The Wolverine up close and personal, a die-hard fan had the experience of a lifetime.

Even though it happened 24 months ago, we just saw this video yesterday and thought it was too good not to share.

Hugh Jackman gave a fan in the front row high fives and made scary Wolverine poses at a concert where he was performing songs from his Broadway show “The Greatest Showman” before giving him a big bear hug.

It was caught on camera by a fan behind him, and it showed that even Hollywood actors who seem cold can have a lot of depth.

Today, starring as a comic book superhero is about as good as it gets for a movie career, but Hugh Jackman doesn’t seem to have let it get to his head.

Fans and coworkers alike have nothing bad to say about Jackman, even though he’s played Wolverine seven times.

Jackman is a well-known philanthropist in Hollywood and on Broadway. With a not-for-profit coffee shop franchise, he helps fair trade coffee growers in Ethiopia.

He has also raised more than a million dollars for HIV/AIDS research, is a patron of the Bone Marrow Institute, and supports Nobel Laureate Muhammed Yunus’s microcredit program, which gives small loans to entrepreneurs in poor countries.