If you notice a plastic bottle on your tire, be sure to pay careful attention!

The ever-rising cost of living and the perpetual demand to work are just two of the myriad challenges that accompany modern life. Despite these pressures on our time and energy, it’s imperative that we remain vigilant in safeguarding ourselves, especially in high-risk situations where failure to act swiftly could have dire consequences.

Should you ever encounter a plastic bottle lodged between your car tire and frame, it is crucial to be attentive and take immediate action. In such emergencies, promptly dialing 911 is essential.

To delve deeper into this issue…

In recent times, thieves have become increasingly inventive, devising a new tactic for car theft that is causing concern worldwide.

Utilizing a low-tech and discreet signal, potential carjackers have devised a method to pilfer vehicles. This strategy has gained traction globally, with incidents reported not only in the United States but also originating in Limpopo, South Africa.

Here’s how it works: upon identifying a target vehicle, a would-be carjacker “marks” it by placing a water bottle on one of its wheels. According to MotorBiscuit, if the intention is to conceal the bottle from the driver upon their return to the vehicle, it’s advisable to place it on the front passenger side wheel.

As the driver begins to accelerate, an unsettling crackling sound emanates from the empty plastic bottle. This noise typically prompts most drivers to pull over and inspect for potential damage.

This moment presents an opportune time for the auto thief to strike. With the engine running, they can easily steal the vehicle or snatch valuables left behind, such as phones or wallets.

Regardless of the outcome, stepping out of the vehicle to investigate the source of the noise puts the driver at risk.

To protect against this tactic, it’s recommended by Michigan radio station WCRZ to take a few seconds before entering your vehicle to inspect the wheels carefully. Should you discover a water bottle lodged between the tire and frame, exercise caution as the potential thief may be observing your actions.

Furthermore, it’s advisable to discreetly call 911 to inform authorities of the situation and express concerns for your safety.