Instead of beginning a Journey flash mob, the student rises to sing

The performance they gave will be recorded in their school’s history books.
“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can ever take it away from you.”
B.B. King’s
Not everyone has the opportunity to attend school. It’s something our elders constantly remind us of. We sometimes forget to recognize how lucky we are to be able to attend school and pick the course of our choice.

In fact, some people can only dream about attending school.
So, if you are one of those fortunate enough to be able to attend school, be grateful. All of your efforts will be rewarded, and you will soon recognize it.

When your alarm goes off, do you race to school, meet your friends, and conclude the day fatigued but satisfied?

That was back in the day.
YouTube user Baileynett released a brief video of a flash mob performance by Stillwater High School alumni. You guessed it, the video went viral, and it now has over 2 million views.

The film begins with one of the kids, who appears to have received honors, finishing his speech by declaring, “Tonight is our night,” before mentioning the song “Don’t Stop Believin.”

The music began to play just then. The song is Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin.” We can hear everyone cheering, but if you believe the ceremony will conclude soon, you’re mistaken.

It’s only the beginning of something memorable and enjoyable for these graduates.

The song’s opening line is lip-synced by one graduate, then another student, and so on. Soon, everyone is applauding, singing, and enjoying their well-earned win.

Some graduation ceremonies would close with tearjerker tunes. Instead, this group picked a catchy, profound, and beautiful song. It’s a fresh way to reflect on the previous years of hard work, restless nights, exciting trips, first love, and so much more.

Yes, aside from the lessons learned, those memories will be with us for the rest of our lives. All of these memories will flood back as soon as the graduation song begins to play, and you will find yourself sobbing.

All of these students are singing and clapping, but the majority of them are already crying as they sing the song’s powerful words.

“Don’t give up hope.” “Hold on to that sensation.”

We liked how they marched back and forth and how the school teachers sang along with them.

The highlight of the affair, of course, was when the graduates hugged each other. They are all relieved to have completed their studies.

All of these youngsters are excited about the next chapter that awaits them. Some of these kids will attend college together, while others will not. But the memories and affection they share for each other will live on.

Do you recall your high school graduation? What song did your group decide to play? What is your most vivid recollection of a high school experience?

They surely made a memory that they will never forget; watch the video below!