James Bond shares the story of her happy life of 25 YEARS with his beloved wife…

Even greater than in the films is the actor Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye’s enduring love tale. The pair just recently celebrated their 25th anniversary together, and they appear to still be much in love with one another.

Many people are still surprised by the fact that Brosnan has never hidden his love for his wife, noting that even after all these years, they still can’t get enough of one another.

The actor shared a picture of himself and his beloved wife on social media to mark the occasion, writing, “Thank you for your love over the past twenty-five years, my love.”

In Cabo San Lucas in 1994, Pierce Brosnan ran into his future bride. After her interview with Ted Denson fell through, reporter Keely Shaye saw the actor at a party.

The pair was hitched in 2001, seven years later. The actor was born in Ireland at the historic Catholic church abbey Ballintubber, which was established by the kings in 1216. The wedding was held there.

Dylan and Paris, the couple’s two kids, were born.

Pierce Brosnan and Keely have been a model couple for many years, spending a lot of time together to maintain their romance as well as serve as an example of a happy marriage.

The actor told People magazine, “My wife and I traveled to Santa Barbara one day. We had a lovely weekend, watched at home, and drank fantastic wine.” We conversed about everything under the sun while listening to each other’s voices rather than music.

According to the actor, his wife has a strength that he simply couldn’t live without. I feel weak when Keely looks at me.

The couple remains in love and is happy even after 25 years.

The actor had been happily married to Cassandra Harris before Keely, but she passed away from cancer in 1991. Three years later, Brosnan finally met Keely, who restored his sense of the good life.