Julia Roberts addressed women in this letter, which said…

Jennifer Aniston:

The sickness of many nations is perfection. We use a lot of cosmetics to conceal our faces. To get to the “ideal size,” we frequently starve ourselves and administer Botox. We attempt to repair issues that don’t even require fixing. And we neglect the things we ought to have been focusing on in the first place.

That is what it is, right?

Our soul is in it. a soul that requires a great deal of tending. Now is the time to tend to it. Sincerely, if you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? Can you claim you’re satisfied with yourself after revamping your appearance?

No. Please understand that if you are wholly empty on the inside, it makes no difference how you appear to others.

I want to formally announce to everyone today that I will no longer tolerate cosmetics. I’m tired of wearing other people’s faces, so I don’t want to put on makeup. Time to take off your masks.

Even though I’m aware of my wrinkles, I want to see them. I am the real me, after all. I’d like for you to accept me as I am.

Do you aware that synthetic aesthetics govern the world and keep us imprisoned in the prison of our appearance-related illusions? We are compelled to adhere to the imposed canons of beauty, rather than living and acting in accordance with our natural selves.

But guess what?

I’m done with it. I then tell myself to stop. I implore you all to pause and reflect on your true selves and goals. Bear in mind who you are.

Nobody is ever completely attractive. The last quality to value in a person is their appearance. The soul is all that counts.

Always keep that in mind.

These words are really powerful and truthful! Our generation actually places a lot of value on outward appearance while ignoring the interior content. But as we all know, there must be harmony in everything.