Justine Bateman, a.k.a. Mallory Keaton from “Family Ties,” was criticized for her appearance at 40 and suffered controversy after publishing a book about gracefully aging. Despite the criticism, the actress is pleased with her appearance

Justine Bateman played Mallory Keaton in the classic sitcom “Family Ties” when she was just 16 years old. Although she rose to prominence as the fashion-obsessed, gossipy adolescent, Bateman quickly established herself in a variety of other series as well. The actress has a long list of acting credits to her name.

Following her popularity with “Family Ties,” Bateman co-starred in the 1988 film “Satisfaction” with several of her now-famous classmates. She also appeared in the successful comedy series “Arrested Development” in 2003, for which she received one Golden Globe nomination and two Emmy nominations.

Despite the fact that she began acting at a young age, Bateman is now 57 and has changed dramatically. Fans began to note how different she began to seem as she aged, and many social media users have commented on her physical appearance throughout the years.

Bateman admitted that her own age has greatly affected her view of life as an older actor.

Bateman has confronted several of these criticisms with a steely determination not to be discouraged. She has learned to be comfortable in her own skin over the years and frequently advises others to embrace the changes that occur with age. The actor has also spoken up about her attitude toward aging.

Aside from becoming a great actor, Bateman has also directed and produced a number of movies. She also opted to further her education, widening her academic achievements with a variety of new degrees in order to empower herself.

Bateman is encouraging other women to be self-sufficient as well. The actress has spoken out against Hollywood’s anti-aging mentality and the attitudes people have toward women who age normally over the years. Bateman’s opinions on the subject were included in her 2021 book, “Faces: One Square Foot of Skin.”

The actress from “Satisfaction” writes about women’s anxiety about looking elderly and how it impacts a major chunk of their lives. With her book, the actress sought to encourage other women to stop worrying about their age and physical looks. Instead, she sought to demonstrate that the stigma associated with aging is more detrimental than aging itself.

Bateman admitted that her own age has greatly affected her view of life as an older actor. Because she began her profession at a young age, there have been a lot of discussions online about how her appearance has evolved over the years, and she is well aware of the nasty things people have said about her.

Although she was always secure in her appearance as a teen, Bateman was pleased to see her skin mirror the joys and sadness of her life.
Despite this, the actress has always refused to let public opinion influence how she lives her life. She recounted how she came across remarks concerning her physical appearance after her book was published. A Google search for her name yielded a flood of insults and derogatory remarks.

One individual described her as a “sea hag,” while another called her a “meth addict.” Another user said, “Justine Bateman looks horrible now.” Bateman claimed that the comments surprised her, but she was also surprised by how fervently other people wrote about her.


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People were putting a lot of effort and animosity into many of the remarks they wrote, according to the actress. It struck her as odd that others were so concerned about her appearance as she grew older.

“So, yeah, I find it really interesting that my face, or someone else’s older face, would irritate other people so much.” Perhaps because they are quite critical of their own appearance.”

Despite the fact that she discovered nothing wrong with her looks, Bateman succumbed to the barrage of negative remarks. She began to believe she seemed elderly, and the impression lingered with her for some time. She eventually had to face her own internalized concerns and embrace her looks and the impacts of aging.


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She gradually understood that the way the rest of the world saw her didn’t match what she saw in her own face. While some felt she was getting older, Bateman believed her face correctly expressed her life experiences — a sort of monument to all she had witnessed.

She remembered being overjoyed when she saw that her face was beginning to wrinkle when she was younger. Although she was always secure in her appearance as a teen, Bateman was pleased to see her skin reflect the ups and downs of her life. The actress stated that as she grew older, she became more conscious of her appearance.

“I think about how many tears have flowed down my cheeks, how much joy, how much exhaustion, or exuberance—it’s an incredible collection of experiences that this really small area of my body has taken on.”

Bateman had to look past the remarks written by strangers on the internet as his skin loosened and wrinkled. She began to focus within, preferring to evaluate and regulate her own emotions over other people’s perceptions, which finally assisted her in overcoming the fears that remained after hearing what others said about her.

The “Closer” actress also realized she wasn’t the only lady who felt self-conscious about her physical looks. She saw that young ladies begin taking Botox and fillers even before they develop wrinkles. This motivated her to create her book and reject any artificial measures of anti-aging.

She noticed that when she spoke out about the anti-aging movement, hundreds of individuals messaged her, saying they wished they hadn’t been so concerned about their appearance. Many women agreed with her that getting work done isn’t something they want to do, and seeing someone else say it helped them feel less alone.

“I feel sad for them,” the writer and filmmaker said of young ladies who use Botox. I’m saddened that they’re not simply enjoying life. I’m saddened that they’re diverted from the things they’re destined to achieve in life by this consuming belief that they have to correct their faces before anything else can happen.”

Bateman saw how bosses consistently shot down her ideas, claiming she was “four years ahead.”

However, Bateman, like Diane Keaton, continues to endure criticism for refusing to utilize any anti-aging treatments. “She’s also not doing herself any favors with the no-style hair, ungroomed brows, and that harsh eyeliner,” one Facebook user said of Bateman.

“No makeup, no style,” another person agreed. Whatever. It’s her decision,” one user said, while another said, “She does look really dreadful.” But hey, if she’s happy, that’s all that matters.” “Justine Bateman is absolutely correct!” said one Twitter user. Her visage embodies the knowledge and experience of an 87-year-old time traveler who has witnessed the birth and fall of civilizations.”

Despite the criticism, several admirers defended Bateman, claiming she still looks beautiful. On Facebook, one fan said, “She’s real and really beautiful.” More individuals agreed, with one admirer exclaiming, “I’ve always liked her. I adore her even more now. ” Stay true!” Someone mentioned:

“We’re the same age, and she’s far more attractive than I am. Accept your age gracefully and proudly wear your scars and wrinkles as badges of pride. I like her, and I wish more people in Hollywood were as graceful and fearless as she is! Much affection.”

At 57, Bateman inspires numerous women to be confident in their own skin, even if it wrinkles with age. In fact, Bateman urges women to embrace their wrinkles since they all reflect a life well lived. Bateman’s social media profiles, in addition to producing an inspirational book, inspire individuals to be confident.

Aside from her outstanding career in cinema and television, as well as her two novels, Bateman is also a mother. In 2018, she posted a photograph on her Instagram account, crediting it to her now-19-year-old daughter, Gianetta Fluent. The actress also has a 20-year-old son, Duke Kenneth Fluent.

Her children are shared with her longtime husband, Mark Fluent. Fluent is a full-time managing director at Deutsche Bank, and the couple has been married since 2001. While her husband works to provide financial support for the family, Bateman has put her acting career on hold so she can be with her children.

Bateman also said that she opted to leave the entertainment industry due to exhaustion from all of the effort required. “I can’t audition anymore,” she said. “I literally ran out of gas.” So Bateman decided to take a break from acting to care for her children and seek new opportunities.

Despite having a lot on her plate, Bateman was also dissatisfied with the entertainment industry’s reluctance to innovate and try new things. She stated in an interview that she frequently created novel methods to deliver a tale, while firm officials preferred to “sell the same thing five times.”

Bateman saw how bosses consistently shot down her ideas, claiming she was “four years ahead.” She eventually became weary of the ongoing hesitation to try new things, so she turned to the internet in the hopes of finding a job that satisfied her desire to try something new.

Using keyword searches, Bateman eventually determined that computer programming or development appeared ideal. Despite the fact that she lacked the essential skill set, she was determined, so she returned to school at the age of 47 to earn a degree in computer science.

Of course, transitioning from the arts to the hard realm of computer science was difficult, but Bateman refused to give up. She continued, reviewing her chemistry study material and watching videos to help her grasp all of the topics until she was confident in all of her courses.

Everything gradually fell into place. Bateman began with minimal programming skills, not to mention the countless other classes she had to take, but she stuck her nose to the grindstone. She would sometimes spend days in front of her computer and textbooks, but it all paid off in the end.

After beginning her tertiary studies in 2013, the director graduated from UCLA in 2016 with a degree in Computer Science and Digital Media Management. Since then, she has served as a voice for other authors who are likewise dissatisfied with the present state of the entertainment business. Bateman issued a warning amid growing concerns over the development and deployment of artificial intelligence.

According to the former actress, Hollywood executives are increasingly trying to embrace artificial intelligence as a low-cost option for making films and television series. In May 2023, Bateman expressed her support for the Writers Guild of America, providing an expert view based on her expertise in the industry.

But her computer science degree isn’t the only professional detour Bateman has taken. After leaving acting, the mother-of-two founded her own design business. She has a successful apparel brand that she markets to a variety of shops. In the 1990s, she also worked as a YMCA camp counselor on the side.

Section 5, Bateman’s production and consulting firm, has proven to be quite successful over the years, and she is a talented writer. In addition to “Faces,” she published “Fame: The Hijacking of Reality.”

Bateman has accomplished incredible things since beginning her career as a teen on a famous program. She typically avoids major jobs these days, preferring to study more about her numerous subjects and allegedly loving time spent crocheting.