Local shelter was left astonished by dog’s condition, but see how she appears now after embracing a second chance

It’s truly distressing to witness a dog suffering from a large, untreated tumor. These unfortunate animals endure significant pain due to the shockingly extensive size of their tumors. However, amidst such bleakness, stories of hope emerge, such as the tale of a dog with a massive tumor who found a new beginning thanks to the compassion of rescuers.

The dog, aptly named Hattie, was surrendered to a shelter where her previous owners were shocked to discover a sizable tumor on her side. Instead of opting for euthanasia, Hattie was given a second chance at life. She was taken under the care of DogRRR – Rescue, a rehabilitation center in Dallas.

A Facebook post by the rescue shed light on Hattie’s dire condition. They revealed that Hattie’s owners had allowed the tumor to grow unchecked for two years, labeling it “perhaps the worst owner surrender we’ve had.” Surprisingly, no charges were filed against them.

Despite the neglect she faced from her family, Hattie was now in caring hands. Vet Ranch collaborated with the rescue to arrange the much-needed surgery for Hattie.

Remarkably, Hattie exhibited a resilient spirit despite her tribulations. The veterinarian marveled at her ability to endure such immense suffering. “It’s heartbreaking to see that she became accustomed to it,” the vet expressed in a video shared by Vet Ranch. Despite enduring it, she carried it as if it were a daily burden.

A team of veterinarians successfully removed the massive tumor during the three-hour surgery. Dr. Karri from the veterinary clinic reported on Facebook that Hattie was “resting well” and had already begun to adjust to her tumor-free life.

Supporters eagerly awaited updates on Hattie’s recovery after her story gained traction. Dallas DogRRR shared the heartening news that within a year of the removal of her “bowling ball-sized tumor,” Hattie had found a loving forever home.

In their post, they shared pictures of Hattie in her new home, exuding contentment and joy. She even had another dog companion to frolic with. Hattie’s transformation from a neglected dog with a massive tumor to a cherished family member was a testament to the power of second chances and the compassion of rescuers.

While we rejoice in Hattie’s newfound lease on life and her loving home, it is undeniably disheartening that her previous owners neglected to seek medical attention for her sooner. It serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible pet care and early intervention in cases of illness or distress.