Many people refer to the Clements sisters as “today’s most beautiful twins.” Check out their pictures here!

The Clements sisters were capable of establishing themselves as successful professionals in just one year. The girls began modeling when they were just seven years old.

Some models might behave differently with children. It is argued that child models are raised in a “normal” setting.

The inspiration for Ava and Leah Clements’ outstanding careers was their mother. When her kids were just a year old, Jacqui Clements joined a modeling agency.

However, it was too demanding to attend the set and business meetings while also caring for three small children (the twins have an older sister).

Jacqui tried it again when the kids turned seven. The twins’ plan to add modeling to their skill set in addition to swimming and dance was well appreciated. After that, there was a significant change.

The Clements have undergone a significant change after just one year together. They were thrilled to hear from Jacqui when she called her previous agency to make them aware she and her twin were back.

Jacqui hired a pro photographer for their Instagram account, @clementstwins. In just one year, the girls’ Instagram account gained more than 830,000 followers.

Since daughters are so photogenic, parents have created a multitude of additional websites to promote their daughters.

Jacqui has a blog and a YouTube channel dedicated to helping parents get their kids into the modeling business.

Professional supermodels, these ladies are. They contracted the Barbie disease.

Jacqui claims that “it was not my decision, but theirs” and that “the girls themselves will choose what they want in the future.”