Michigan toddler was found safe thanks to two family dogs…

A three-year-old girl went missing after wandering three miles from her house. When she was discovered, it was discovered that she wasn’t alone after all—and that she had two dedicated bodyguards keeping her safe.

On Wednesday, two-year-old Thea Chase vanished from her home in Fiathorn, Michigan. The kid had been ordered to go inside to put on his shoes, but he and the family dogs vanished without a trace.

With no trace of Thea, her mother, Brooke Chase, became concerned and feared the worst. «I am just running up and down the road; we were driving up and down the road trying to search,» Brooke stated to WLUC. «We aren’t hearing any of the dogs; they aren’t responding to our calls, and she isn’t responding to our calls.» I was really frightened and expecting the worst.»

The family contacted the police, and a major search for the missing youngster ensued. Police K9s and neighbors joined the search, which lasted five hours.

Finally, Thea was found near an ATV route about three miles from her house. She wasn’t alone; she was accompanied by her two devoted pets.

According to CNN, Buddy the Rottweiler protectively growled at the search team member who found her, while the other dog, an English Springer named Hartley, acted as a comfy pillow for Thea.

The two dogs have been a part of Thea’s life since she was born, and mom says she has them «wrapped around her finger,» so it’s no wonder they wanted to keep her safe while she was gone.

«I am thankful for the dogs being with her,» Brooke said to WLUC. «The only reason she was found was because our larger dog, Buddy, was standing there.» The driver claimed he attempted to wake her up since she was still sleeping, and Hartley yelled at him not to touch the child.»

Thea arrived safely at her house. Fortunately, she was uninjured and entirely unconcerned. «The moment she sees me, she says, ‘Hi Mommy,’ as if nothing has happened.» «She was laughing,» Brooke observes.