Mother faces criticism online after posting pictures of her baby’s hands

A photo of a newborn with unusually long and pointed nails has caused concern online, leading to discussions about the potential risks associated with such “claws.”

Shared on Facebook, the picture quickly garnered attention as social media users expressed worry about the sharp nails on the baby’s tiny fingers. The image, which has since gone viral on Twitter, shows a woman’s thumb holding the infant’s hand, revealing meticulously crafted fake nails.

Accompanying the image was a boastful message from the woman: “I can do your babies nails…cheap rates.”

Critics of the photo were quick to highlight the potential dangers of the infant’s adorned nails. One commenter remarked, “Baby nails are sharp enough as is, I can’t imagine giving my daughter claws like that. Hard pass.”

The photos depict the baby wearing false nails in various styles, including pointed, talon-like nails in one image and more rounded edges in another. The designs showcased different shapes, such as stiletto, square, and oval.

The controversial advertisement caught the attention of Reddit users, sparking outrage among parents who emphasized the potential hazards of this trend.

One individual stated, “You’re supposed to keep your baby’s nails cut short to prevent them from hurting themselves… this is trashy and stupid.”

Another expressed concern, saying, “This is highly dangerous. Babies often poke themselves in the eyes or face, and even without nails, they can leave scratch marks. This is just plain stupid and will only cause harm to the baby.”

Expressing worry for the baby’s safety, a third person added, “I could understand painting a baby’s nails, but giving them fake ones? It’s too risky! Babies are always touching their faces, so it could really hurt their eyes. It’s better to wait until they are much older.”

Some individuals speculated that the nails in the photo were digitally altered, while others recalled a similar incident that gained attention in December.

In light of these discussions, it’s essential to remember that keeping babies’ nails short is recommended to prevent accidental scratching, especially for newborns born after their due dates, when their nails might be longer and sharper.

While online trends can provoke debates and disagreements, ensuring the safety and well-being of infants should always be the top priority, safeguarding their health and happiness during their early stages of life.