Nastya Knyazeva gained worldwide recognition at the young age of 4… Here is what she looks like today!

Little Nastya Knyazeva has a doll-like appearance. Her angelic look, which includes bright pink lips, enormous blue eyes, black eyelashes, and long blonde hair, has made her a global sensation. She has been in numerous advertisements and served as the face of numerous kid’s clothing brands over the past seven years.

The mother of the adorable infant had a lifelong fantasy of seeing her daughter on television or in a glossy magazine. And the neighborhood felt Nastya was born to be a model. The girl’s mother made the decision to submit her application to a modeling agency in Moscow as a result. The response came really swiftly.

When Nastya was just 2.5 years old, she participated in her first photo shoot for a commercial. She acted in a way on the set that suggested she was a natural model. The young lady behaved normally, carried out all instructions, and showed no signs of fear.

Typically, agencies organize special training sessions for young models where young ladies are instructed in acting, how to walk appropriately, and how to look at the camera. However, Nastya’s family lives in the Moscow suburbs, making it difficult for her to travel there for classes.

The young model did not lose out, though. The intelligent youngster picked everything up throughout filming.

The agency director suggested Nastya’s mother to launch an Instagram page following the successful filming. The account quickly gained popularity, and pictures of the young girl started to circulate online.

After some time, Nastya’s parents learned that the newborn had been named the world’s most beautiful daughter by the British publication Daily Mail. From that point on, Nastia’s reputation skyrocketed, leading to requests from international businesses and encounters with the young model’s parents from foreign journalists.

The mother of Nastia Knyazeva manages her daughter’s Instagram profile. Over a million people have already liked the girl’s page and posted both positive and unfavorable remarks. Many criticize Nastya’s parents in particular for having recently purchased a title for their daughter. They believe that for a billionaire father and a supermodel mother, nothing is impossible.

In reality, the world’s most beautiful girl’s parents are not rich and are not involved in the modeling industry. Dad works in the automotive industry, and mom is an economist. They are just your typical family.

The amount of money Nastya’s mother pays her for her photo assignments is kept a secret. In exchange for free clothes, toys, gift cards, or other items from the featured brand, many parents agree to have their kids recorded. Nastya’s mother, however, believes that this is incorrect and refuses to accept such feeble offers because her daughter is a genuine star, which is uncommon.

Although Nastya’s mother is happy for her daughter’s success, she makes an effort not to harbor any unrealistic expectations for Nastya’s modeling career. After all, kids change as they become older.

Maybe Nastya won’t be as interested in modeling agencies and brands when she gets older. Additionally, it is a property of beauty that the mind endures as time passes. Her parents therefore prioritize the girl’s education and view modeling as merely a hobby.

Nastya attended conventional high school, music school, and dancing school all at once. Additionally, the girl works with a tutor twice weekly to practice her English. There is hardly any time left for modeling because of the heavy workload. Nastya’s mother demands that any photo sessions they agree to participate in happen on the weekends.

Overall, Nastya’s parents strive to nurture her like a regular child rather than trying to make her feel special. In the presence of their daughter, they never talk about her appearance or her accomplishments. After all, history is replete with instances of people who achieved fame as children but were unable to handle their decline in popularity as they grew older.

Consequently, what does Anastasia Knyazeva do today?
The mother of the girl has 1.2 million Instagram followers! The popularity of the doll girl has endured over time.

Nastya started to take her work as a presenter seriously.

She also tries her hand at singing; during the celebration of Cosmonautics Day the year before last, a composition by the musicians Yan Space and Nastya was presented.

Besides hosting these children’s shows, Anastasia also Tyts-parade and Kids Kitchen

regularly shares videos with her mum on Likes and Instagram. shares images from both personal projects and photo sessions.