A boy who has always wanted a brother or sister now holds his adorable newborn brother… Watch this VIDEO to see how he reacts!

The mother reported, “He says things like, “You are a piece of me, and I will never let anything horrible happen to you.

Any child finds the announcement of a new sibling exciting.
While some youngsters might be a little envious of all the attention, most kids happily accept their role as older guardians.

Other parents may become pregnant as a result of their desire to have a younger brother or sister. What if they are unable to?

Mikey Marotta had a specific gift in mind if Santa were to ask him what he would like.

And no, it’s not a phone, a game console, or a toy car. According to his parents, Mikey would probably request a younger brother.

In fact, Mikey was so eager to take on the role of the bigger brother that he started making plans for their Halloween costumes months in advance. He always “saved” things for his brother if he received something new or extra of it.

He even once advised his mother to consume buffalo wings because he believed they were the origin of his ginger hair. He wishes his brother to have the same hue this time around as well.

However, becoming pregnant was not simple.

Making Mikey Marotta’s ambitions come true was a top priority for Jessica and Michael Marotta. But difficulties with conception slowed down their efforts. The most challenging time came in 2007 when Jessica miscarried a child.

They chose to sit down with Mikey after realizing their attempts were in vain. They explained to him during one of those heart-to-heart conversations that it’s quite fine to have a family of three.

“We would explain that he might not get one because some people only have one kid and that is OK when Mikey would ask when he was going to get his baby sibling. He would cry and add, “I have Dillinger, our dog, so it’s okay if I don’t get a human brother.” quoting Jessica to TODAY.

However, in the summer of 2017, everything was different.

Jessica learned out she was expecting. But compared to Jessica and Michael combined, one individual is far more ecstatic. Mikey “tear[ed] up and was very delighted,” according to Jessica. The family, however, encountered difficulties once more.

It was determined that the infant had intrauterine growth limitation. The birth of the child required a C-section. Mikey then passed his days in the NICU.

They were able to convey the significance of skin-to-skin touch there.

Jessica used to hold Mikey close to her body when he was little, so she is aware of its potential strength. As a result, Mikey experienced a wide range of feelings when he was permitted to hug his brother.

Mikey would tenderly cradle Jake against his chest. Mikey was more than happy to demonstrate his capacity to be a big brother now that he felt compelled to do so.

Since then, the two have only become closer.
Jessica said that everytime Mikey’s younger brother heard his voice, he would turn to face Mikey and search for him. Additionally, Jake initially grinned at Mikey.

And Mikey is never reluctant to express his love for Jake, the finest gift he could possibly receive.

He makes statements like, “I will never let anything awful happen to you because you are a part of me,” according to Jessica. Additionally, Mikey carries a photo of Jake in his wallet.

Watch the video below!