On her days off, the nurse braids the patients’ hair because she gets to…

There is a video on the internet that shows the efforts of nurse Brooke Johns.

She returns to the hospital multiple times after work to lift the spirits of the patients there in a very unique way.

The emergency room nurse Brooke Johns, 40, volunteers at Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas during her downtime.

She encounters people with the illness every day; to make their days better and put a smile on their faces, she repeatedly rearranges their haircuts.

According to the nurse, it’s not just about arranging hairstyles; it’s also an opportunity to interact with patients, let them know they’re not alone, and get to know them better.

Many people believe Brooke to be an angel from heaven, and her deeds may serve as an example for others all across the world.

Let’s lend a hand to others and brighten their days with our deeds!

Here is the video: