Parents intended to have a girl, but ended up with six children instead…

Although my mother only visited the maternity hospital three times, the Waldrop family currently has nine children.

In high school, Eric and Courtney got to know one another.

They made the decision to have many children after getting married.

Because both parents adored kids so much, they wanted their home to be a joyful place where children could play and laugh.

The Firstborn was Sailor. Young folks made the decision to become parents again right away.

So Bridge and Wells, two additional sons, were born into the household.

Although the parents were overjoyed, they still yearned to have a girl. The couple sought to start a family again after waiting five years.

Four years ago, Courtney Waldrop gave birth to six kids, three sons, Blue, Tag, and Lake, and three daughters, Rain, Rivers, and Rawlings.

Everything went smoothly. The family is big and welcoming, and there are both boys and girls, which was the parents’ wish come true.