She is the beautiful lady who ruled the world in the 1960s. Here is how she appears today!

It is unlikely that anyone in Thailand is unaware of Apasra Hongsakul. An 18-year-old girl comfortably captured the Miss Universe crown in 1965.

This triumph was not, however, the charmer’s first. Apasra first won the title of top beauty at the university where she was a student, went on to win Miss Thailand, and only then swung at the “Universe.”

A competition of this scope requires considerable preparation at all times. The competitors not only have a big duty to represent their nation, but the event also gets the most media attention in the world. Future Miss Universe received mentoring from the queen herself.

Despite being only 1.64 meters tall and having a shaky command of the English language, Apasra was able to capture the interest of a picky jury and acquiescent onlookers. Everyone was intimidated by the girl’s poise, fine manners, and gorgeous smile.

As is frequently the case, having the look of an angel does not ensure that your personal life will be trouble-free.

Apasra’s first marriage to a member of the royal dynasty resulted in the birth of a son, but alas, this could not rescue the union; after a few years, the woman of beauty and her husband split.

The only thing a woman got from him was her second son; the second marriage did not become more successful. Apasra didn’t let the failed romance affect her perseverance or performance. She is currently one of Thailand’s most powerful ladies.

The company, which includes the SPA salon in Bangkok and the watch company Raymond Weil Watches, is doing well. The sons began their own families, and Apasra received grandchildren from them.

Of course, no one would guess that the woman in front of him is 74 years old, given her stunning hair, toned skin, and girlish physique. Miss Universe is discreetly mute on this, which suggests that it might be all about supporting the beauty industry.