Patty was celebrating her 90th birthday and was looking forward to sharing the occasion with her daughter and grandkids. When they didn’t pitch, she ended up celebrating with an unexpected visitor who brought bad news…

Patty is my name, and after 90 years of life, I can safely state that I have had a wonderful and cheerful life. My husband died a few years ago, leaving only me and my daughter, Angie.

I recall being ecstatic about my 90th birthday party. My daughter had agreed to pay me a visit and spend the day with me and my grandchildren.

My heart was always touched when I saw my grandkids. It transported me back to the time when my husband and I were parenting Angie. My grandchildren reminded me a lot of my daughter and looked a lot like her as well.

They did, however, have a striking resemblance to their father and Angie’s ex-husband, John. I was quite fond of John, so the news that they were divorcing crushed my heart.

John was the closest thing I’d ever had to a son. He was kind and had a pure heart. He still writes to me every Christmas to this day. I wish he and Angie could have worked things out, but that’s just how life goes.

My birthday had finally arrived, and I was beyond thrilled. But as the day progressed, I became concerned. It was getting close to lunchtime, and I still hadn’t heard from Angie. I tried calling her numerous times, but she never answered.

I tried calling Angie again, but this time it went straight to voicemail. I thought she wouldn’t be able to respond since she was driving. But, as time passed, I realized that, like so many other days, I would be spending this day alone.

«You’re too kind.» Would you like to join me for dinner?»

Finally, the doorbell rang. If my knees hadn’t been in such bad shape, I would have jumped up at that exact moment. I hadn’t seen Angie and the kids in a long time, so this was the perfect birthday present.

My heart dropped to my stomach as I approached my glass door and saw the manly form on the other side. When I opened the door, John was standing on the other side with flowers and gifts.

«Happy Belated Birthday, Ma!» With a nice smile, John said

«John?! Oh, wow! I chirped, «You didn’t have to.»

«I just brought you a little something to celebrate you on this wonderful day,» John explained.

«Does that look like my favorite chocolate?» Oh, wow! «Did you remember?» I replied, attempting to hide my hot cheeks.

«How could I have forgotten?» You’d eat nothing else!» With a chuckle, John remarked

«You’re too kind. «Would you like to join me for dinner?» I inquired, ushering him in.

«Oh, no. I wouldn’t want to bother you. I’m sure you’ve had plans. » I just wanted to see your lovely self and drop off your gifts,» John said modestly.

«Nonsense! I have nothing scheduled and would appreciate the companionship. «I’m also making apple pie,» I stated.

«An apple pie?» «Well, you should’ve started with that,» John said as he walked in.

Another thing I admired about John was his culinary skills. This reminded me of my late spouse, who was also an excellent cook. John and I cooked up a storm that day. He insisted on performing most of the labor, and I was just thankful for the companionship. As we sat down for supper, John eventually inquired about Angie.

«Vacation? And she kept it a secret? She just got up and walked away. «Why would she do such a thing?»

«Are Angie and the kids going to join us?» I’d hate for her to think I was ambushing her or anything. I had no intention of remaining. But I’m glad I did,» John explained.

«Nonsense! You are the father of my grandkids; thus, we are related.» And, no, I don’t think Angie will join us today,» I said dejectedly.

«I’m really sad to hear that. «You shouldn’t be celebrating your birthday alone,» John observed.

«Well, thanks to you, son, I’m not,» I murmured as I took his hand in mine. «Thank you, John,» I said.

«No worries. Why didn’t she arrive, if you don’t mind my asking? Or, at the very least, the children. I was expecting them to arrive. «They enjoy spending time with you,» John continued.

«They were all supposed to show up, but Angie hasn’t returned my calls.» «I honestly don’t know what happened, but I’m confident she’ll contact me,» I said.

«I’m not sure what she’s up to, but the very least she could do is drop the kids off.» «I’ll call her,» John urged.

John phoned Angie, and to my amazement, she answered. John would eventually explain why my daughter had dumped me on my birthday.

«So, it turns out Angie, her new boyfriend, and the kids are all on vacation,» John lamented.

«Vacation? And she kept it a secret? She just got up and walked away. «Why would she do such a thing?» I inquired.

«Your estimate, Patty, is as good as mine.» How does she get away with abandoning my children without telling me?» John replied.

«Oh, no. This is quite disheartening. And who is this individual? «I had no idea Angie had a boyfriend!» I exclaimed, puzzled.

«She had mentioned something in passing, but an entire vacation?! And they’d supposedly been planning it for about a month. Excuse me, Patty, but I fear your daughter has gone a little too far this time,» John grumbled.

«Yes, this is disappointing,» I said ruefully.

This news really caught me off guard and pierced my heart. Angie could have at least informed me that she wouldn’t be present.

I subsequently spoke with Angie, and she promised to come to see me with the kids as soon as possible. She didn’t want to bother me, but the harm had already been done. I will always love her as my daughter, but I was very saddened.

I’m glad John was there to take the edge off. But what my daughter did really saddened me. I’m not sure how to trust her right now. In this case, what should I do?