People wish they looked like her at 54 years old… She is getting old but no one can really tell…

The “Pretty Woman,” who has notably put on weight, has changed.

One of Hollywood’s most recognizable, spectacular, and famous actresses was spotted by paparazzi relaxing at a resort on a well-earned vacation.

To say that not everyone liked the renowned movie star’s appearance would be an understatement. It was challenging for Julia’s supporters to identify their hero after so many years.

Recent images amply demonstrate the significant transformations the Hollywood star has endured. Many people jumped to the conclusion that she has significantly put on weight and has changed from the former “Pretty Woman.”

The network users’ perspectives were utterly divergent. Some people were highly complimentary of the well-known actress’s charisma and present appearance, while others weren’t entirely happy with it.

Fans of Roberts boldly defended their idol, asserting that not all 54-year-old women possess Julia’s amazing beauty.

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