Pictures of a two-month-old newborn with gorgeous hair quickly gained popularity online…

Dimo has beautiful, luxuriant hair despite just being nine weeks old. His mother had to use a styling product to dry the boy’s hair after a bath.

In a different story, a young mother leaves the house to go to the grocery.

It’s been taken if you’re reading this; if the thief also has Dimo, the process will take twice as long because everybody will want to pet the adorable puppy.

Even still, if the boy’s hair continues to grow at this rate, we can’t help but consider what will happen to it in a year or 2.

The nurses loved little Dimo so much that they gave him the endearing moniker “teddy bear.”

His mother, a 32-year-old hairdresser, claims that he has always had a full head of hair.

She discovered her hair was gorgeous during her son’s first bath.

Just about everyone we pass stops to say hello and comments on how lovely it is to see Dimo and I together while we are out shopping.

Being the first to touch them is extremely significant because of this. When this happens, my child merely smiles at me and looks unconcerned.