Pierce Brosnan can’t take his eyes off her wife, who is stunning in glittering golden outfit

Pierce Brosnan just shared a selfie of himself and his wife, Keely Shaye Smith, on Instagram. Their admirers shared this photo of Brosnan and Smith on Instagram.

The couple’s appearance was emphasized in Instagram comments, with one person stating, «She looks absolutely gorgeous!» «What a stunning couple!» said another. «Everyone should have a partner in their lives that looks at them like this!» a third user wrote.

This is not the couple’s first time expressing their feelings for one another on social media. In September of this year, Brosnan posted an Instagram snapshot of himself and his wife with sixty red flowers, one for each year Smith had been alive.

Brosnan and Smith began dating in 1994 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Brosnan had already suffered the death of his first wife. Brosnan and Smith’s relationship grew over time as they welcomed two boys and married.

Brosnan has voiced his sentiments about Smith openly, highlighting her significance. He has frequently spoken about how Smith altered his life for the better during great grief.