Scientists don’t know how to explain why a 15-year-old girl in India cries with stones… One of the reasons is…

Our hero from India wept with stones when she was upset or frustrated, when other youngsters her age would have shed tears instead.

The family of a young person aged 15 asserts that something like this has never occurred in the past.

There are about a hundred of these kinds of videos in the family collection. In point of fact, no one was willing to believe in such a thing if it wasn’t captured on camera.

The fact that the rate of deposit creation is so astonishing gave rise to the vast majority of the inquiries that were received from medical professionals.

Users on the Internet reacted to this story with a significant amount of mistrust after the news about it was published.

It has been speculated that the girl’s parents are pressuring her to place pebbles in her eyes in order to attract attention, which has caused widespread consternation in India.

After some time, the parents came to terms with their daughter’s peculiar peculiarity and discovered alternative ways to reassure and console her.

In contrast to the population of the Internet, the people of India have been in a state of shock for a number of days at this point.

The girl’s home community is taken aback to the fullest extent possible.

It’s possible that the capacity to cry with stones was quite unique.

It was also a demonstration of how powerful her feelings were as well as the singular outlook she possessed on the world.

She could have been unique in comparison to the other people, but despite this, she was beloved precisely because of who she was.